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Dog Walking / Drop-ins


Dog Walk

** Click HERE to download the Veterinary Release Form **

15 minutes for $28

30 minutes for $34

45 minutes for $46

60 minutes for $56

15 minutes / Drop-in:  This is ideal for dogs that only need a quick potty break in their back yard or for dogs that don’t require a long walk. Great for puppies in training, small fries or our senior friends. This isn’t suitable for visits that include a feeding.

30 minutes: Perfect for active dogs and energetic puppies. A great 2nd visit for puppies in training. Dogs regularly need at least one 30-60 minute walk or playtime every day to keep them physically and mentally fit. Small dogs need exercise as much as their larger counterparts. If you have busy days and can’t provide daily walks, using the services of a professional dog walker may be just what you need to maintain your dog’s health. Good paced walks give dogs something to focus on and it can… Boost Confidence – Decrease Anxiety – Increase Socialization – Strengthen Doggy Manners – Promote Happiness.

45 minutes or 1 hour: These are recommended when your pets require special care that will take the sitter longer than 30 minutes. Recommended for high energy dogs that need exercise and just a bit more time out and about. You can also ask for these services if you'd just like your pet to have that extra time out-and-about.

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