Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire a professional pet sitter?

Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Professional Pet Sitter (PPS): 1. Liability Insurance & Bonding AND Nationally Background Checked: Professional Pet Sitters have both insurance and have a National Background Check this is to protect your pets & home in the event of accident or theft. 2. Pet CPR & First Aid Certification: Your Professional Pet Sitter knows how to properly care for your pet in an emergency, 3. Back Up: Your Professional Pet Sitter has back up in the form of employees who can cover pet sitting in an emergency. 4. Full Time: Professional Pet Sitters pet sit FULL TIME your business is their main source of income, making you the client top priority. 5. Experience: Your PPS works with all different types of pets on a daily basis. They have the knowledge to be on lookout for potential dangers to your home & pets. 6. Workers Compensation: Professional Pet Sitters have workers compensation insurance to cover employees, this protects you the client if a pet sitter is hurt on your property. 7. Quality Time: Professional Pet Sitters are focused on spending quality time with your pets, including petting, playing, walking, & enrichment activities. 8. Leash Walking: Professional Pet Sitters knows how to handle your dog on a leash safely & can recommend the appropriate leash & harness for your type of dog. 9. Client Management System: Professional Pet Sitters have a secure online system to manage all scheduling & invoicing. NO Pet is forgotten. 10. Peace of Mind: You have the peace of mind knowing ALL bases are covered, you can relax and enjoy your vacation or focus on your workday knowing that your pet is receiving excellent and professional care.

What are your hours?

Normal visit hours are between 8:00am and 6:00pm. If you want or need a visit outside of these hours, we can definitely make accommodations with an additional fee. Office hours are Monday-Friday 9a-4p.

Are you insured & bonded?

Yes! We carry extensive liability insurance & bonding via Mourer Foster, Inc. Kennel Pro. Our insurance covers the following types of accidents: *Your pet is injured, lost, or stolen, in our care. *Your home is damaged in our care. *Your pet injures someone or another neighborhood pet while in our care. *Bonding covers theft convictions. *Transportation of pets is covered in addition to services that take place in the clients home. *Workers compensation insurance required by law for all employees in CT covers our staff if they are hurt while pet sitting. Please be certain your professional pet sitter has all the required and up to date liability insurance, bonding, and workers compensation insurance.

Why should I pick you?

There are lots of options out there for pet care, and some of them are really great options! As a professional pet care specialist that means that this business is our livelihood. We are here for the long haul! It also means that we are insured and bonded, and pet CPR and First Aid certified.

What happens when it's too hot, raining, or snowing?

It really depends on how extreme the weather is and the size and age (and tolerance) of your dog. If we can’t be outside long then we will play games or just hangout inside. They might learn a new trick, play a little tug or other inside game or they might want to just lay on the floor for belly rubs. This is something we can make a plan for together.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please LOG IN to submit all cancellations. Payment in FULL is required for all pet visits cancelled with LESS than a complete 12 hours notice. A $5 per visit short notice cancellation fee will be charged for all pet sitting visits, quick visits, and weekday dog walks cancelled with LESS than a complete 48 hours notice. An automatic 25% cancellation fee applies to ALL Overnight Pet Sitting, all services scheduled on and around major holidays, & all services scheduled during Cheshire Public School vacation weeks. All cancellation policies APPLY as soon as services are requested. Weather During snowy and icy weather pet visits must be cancelled via LOG IN and must be cancelled at least 6 hours prior to the start of the scheduled time window and cancellation fees will be waived. During snowy and icy weather overnights must be cancelled via LOG IN and must be cancelled at least 12 hours prior to the start of the overnight and cancellation fees will be waived. NO REFUNDS Your Sarah’s Pet Sitting account will be credited any amounts left after cancellation fees have been applied. SNOW/ICE Please make sure all snow/ice is cleared from your driveways/walk ways so that your pet sitter may access your home safely during winter weather. We require access to safe off street parking to provide service. Sarah’s Pet Sitting management & pet sitters schedule our time very carefully & limited space is available, therefore we are unable to make exceptions to our cancellation polices. Thank you for your cooperation!