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What People Say

Kimberly H

Owner of Nala & Flynn

I needed a pet sitter for an emergency last minute trip and Amber was available right away and flexible. I knew her as our vet tech and my two lab puppies love her, so I knew they were in good hands. Amber sent me photos and updates without me even having to ask to assure me my fur babies were alright. When we picked them up, my husband said they were reluctant to leave. Once they got home they napped the rest of the day and I knew it was because they were tuckered out from having so much fun with Amber and her daughter. I would recommend her services to anyone that needs their pets looked after. She is a genuine, compassionate, kind, reliable and responsible person and we are so grateful for her!

Rachel & Leon

Owners of Jade & Drake

GREAT with my large dogs, they are happy to see her and her daughter anytime we have needed services. The at home visits have been wonderful for my pets and the updates and pictures give us extra assurance that they are happy and its nice to have someone that understands how needy of a owner I am. Its hard to be away from them, but being able to trust a vet tech to administer medications for my Drake as well as meet the needs of my playful alpha Jade is wonderful. The flexibility of services makes this a really easy choice for our family. We happily recommend Amber's Services.

Cassandra M

Owner of Booboo Kitty, Deetlebug, & Sasinator

Amber cared for my 3 cats while I was away for a week. I came home to 3 happy cats that had been well cared for. There were also cat toys that she bought my loves. She kept the litter boxes clean and cleaned their feeding area better than I do! Amber is highly recommended and I will continue to use her when I go out of town!

Sara M

Owner of Delilah & Maggie

I can't say enough wonderful things about Amber. She has been caring for our two dogs for more than a year, and is the most caring, knowledgeable, and reliable walker we've ever had. She always goes above and beyond (like remembering our anniversary!) And cares exceptionally well for our dog who is very dog-reactive and difficult. I couldn't recommend someone more highly, especially if you have a reactive dog.

Jessica D

Owner of Sylvester & Sage

For the last few years, Amber has cared for our 2 cats, one of which needs medicine multiple times a day. She's very good with them, and loves them as if they're her own. Highly recommended.

Jackie B

Owner of Sienna

I found Amber’s Purrfect Pet Sitting via a Google search. I checked out her website and liked what I saw so I called and set up a meet and greet. I hired Amber for 6 days to take care of my cat Sienna while I was visiting my oldest daughter in Portland, OR. I was very concerned that Sienna might not do well because she has separation anxiety and it takes her a long, long time to warm up to new people because she needs time to get to know them. I have had cat sitters in the past so I say this from experience - a new person combined with the separation anxiety is a recipe for disaster. Thankfully, all my fears were unfounded. Sienna took to Amber right away! She followed my instructions for Sienna’s care to the letter. Also, she alerted me to an issue that could be affecting Sienna’s heath as well as make her uncomfortable in case I wasn’t aware of it. I really appreciated that. She occasionally sent pictures which I absolutely loved and kept me updated on how things were going. I didn’t worry about Sienna for a second while I was away - I knew she was in good hands. When I returned from my trip everything was perfect and Sienna was happy. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Amber is caring and very professional. If you need a cat sitter - you’ve come to the right place! I highly recommend Amber’s Purrfect Pet Sitting

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