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Support Your Local Dog Walker During COVID-19

This time of year is a huge time of year for pet care service providers. Due to the recent virus and "Stay Home, Stay Safe" orders, our reservations and daily walks have ALL declined, and we are left "out of business" for the time being. If you are still able to work and are able to/want to help those who might not be able to make ends meet in the near future, we'd greatly appreciate any help you could give. Let's all please keep ALL small businesses in mind during this time. Please share this with all your friends and family. Every little bit helps.

When the Coronavirus first started, we started to immediately see a hit towards our business. Having vacation care cancellations that were booked for March and April, as well as half a dozen M-F daily walks canceled until a "to be determined" time. The pet sitting cancellations alone totaled over $4000. We have lost a lot more business over the past couple of weeks and now with schools and businesses switched to home-schooling and working from home, people are home to walk their own dogs and we are "out of business" for the time being.

As a business that solely relies on providing a service in order to be paid, if we do not have pets to care for - we do not get paid. Amber's Pampered Pets is our job, life and passion and our primary source of income. Our goal is to be able to raise enough to help keep us open with at least our minimum necessary income to survive. We know we are not the only small business suffering and we encourage you to also try and support other local businesses in any way you can! We are extremely grateful for our wonderful clients and our community.

Thank you for reading. Stay safe, everyone.

If you would like to help, please contact us or visit our site at GoFundMe!

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